Nintendo Switch Meet No.4

We just went back and read the post for the first Switch Meet we held back in February 2020. Now, we haven’t held as many as we’d like, but they’ve definitely been well received by the people who have attended them and we’re planning our 4th meet on (funnily enough) 4th July 2021.

As before, it’s open to all ages, but if anything is generally attended by more adults than children and they’re all welcoming, friendly and inclusive. The Nintendo Switch seems to attract more sociable gamers and that makes it perfect for this sort of event.

Clearly we’ll be keeping it Covid safe, making more use of outdoor spaces than we have in the past. The other thing to bear in mind is that it’s planned for the same weekend as the Rapture Gaming and Creative Festival being held at the nearby Historic Dockyard Chatham. So you can make a weekend of it.

Nintendo Switch Meet Sunday 9th Feb 2020

We’re happy to be hosting our first Nintendo Switch Meet on Sunday 9th February 2020 between 10:30am and 2:30pm. The nature of the Switch (and of its gamers), quirky, social and vibrant, makes it the ideal device and community for a more connected gaming experience.

The event will be open to all ages and all we ask is that people are respectful, considerate and courteous to other visitors. It should be a fun experience above all.

If the event is a success we will schedule additional meets throughout the year, so please support it if you can.