Covid-19 Information

Just like the rest of the world we were caught off guard by the severity and the speed at which Covid-19 affected us. Back in March, prior to the Government’s advice being issued, we took the difficult decision to close our doors temporarily until it was safe to reopen.

We are pleased to be able to say that we are now nearly at that point.

From Monday June 1st, we will reopen initially as a takeaway. There will obviously need to be some changes to the way we operate and the menu and services we offer for that to happen. In the main the changes are:

We will restrict access to the building so keep numbers of customers low. There will be floor markings indicating the social distancing requirements.

We will remove most of the furniture (although we appreciate that some customers might need to sit whilst they wait for their order to be prepared).

We would prefer you to pay by card (contactless where possible).

Our menu will be changed in order to provide a good selection of takeaway items.

We will be issuing cutlery, napkins etc rather than them being self-serve as they were before.

Key staff have undergone specific Covid-19 infection control training.

Outside furniture will be distributed to allow for lone or household group eating away from the premises.

We will not commence the opening of our evening hire events for the time being until government advice is given allowing us to do so.

Additionally, the Fort Amherst site will reopen to the public on the same day and is a great space to walk, ride and explore. Regrettably the tunnel tours will not be available, but there is still plenty to enjoy.

We hope to see you all soon.

World Art Day exhibition and sale. A Celebration of Creation.

On the 15th April, World Art Day, we’ll be welcoming local artist Rehana Khan and a collection of her work to The Pantry for exhibition and sale.

Rehana has lived in Medway for 35 years and art has always been a part of her life, particularly when she became unwell her health & well-being was improved though her art.

The exhibition, A Celebration of Creation, features artwork organised into two categories: Diverse Abstract Art and Arabic Art.

The materials used vary from recycled materials, coloured pens, crayons, paints, and sequins. Rehana said, “I am inspired on a daily basis by my environment, whether it is my home life, the outdoors or family festivities. Art is a celebration of life and has been therapeutic, enabling me to find the inner peace I have been searching for.”

Rehana’s exhibition and art sale will be held at The Pantry, Fort Amherst, Chatham on Wednesday 15th April, World Art Day. All proceeds raised will be split between The Medway League of Friends and charitable work in Pakistan.

Mother’s Day 2020

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day with an Afternoon Tea and flowers at The Pantry.

For only £20 per person you can enjoy a selection of sandwiches, savoury snacks and sweet treats with unlimited tea or coffee on Sunday 22nd March. Book before Thursday 19th March and we’ll even throw in a complimentary bunch of flowers.

Please call 07752255429 to book your table now.

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options are available, but please mention this at the time of booking.

Nintendo Switch Meet Sunday 9th Feb 2020

We’re happy to be hosting our first Nintendo Switch Meet on Sunday 9th February 2020 between 10:30am and 2:30pm. The nature of the Switch (and of its gamers), quirky, social and vibrant, makes it the ideal device and community for a more connected gaming experience.

The event will be open to all ages and all we ask is that people are respectful, considerate and courteous to other visitors. It should be a fun experience above all.

If the event is a success we will schedule additional meets throughout the year, so please support it if you can.

Friends of the Great Lines Heritage Park AGM

We are proud to be hosting the Friends of the Great Lines Heritage Park Annual General Meeting on Saturday 15th February at 10am.

The meeting is open to all and committee spaces are up for election on the day – so if you’d like a say in the future of one of Chatham’s best green spaces then come down and get involved.

For more information on the work of the Friends of the Great Lines Heritage Park have a look at their Facebook page by clicking here

Cycling (Cyclist) Friendly

Cycling seems to be one of those inexplicably divisive issues that everyone has a strong opinion on one way or another.

Here’s our twopenneth.

Should cyclists jump red lights? No. Do they have to use cycle lanes? No. Should they pay road tax? Nope – but then again neither do you. Should they ride two abreast? Well they’re allowed to, but common sense should prevail as to whether or not it’s sensible…

Whether you believe in climate change or not, less cars on the road can only be a good thing – especially if you have no choice but to use one. A healthier population can only be a good thing. And let’s be honest, as far as hobbies go it’s not exactly terribly rebellious is it?

But the much maligned MAMIL is still a bit of a target. So we’d like them to know that there’s a new ‘safe space’ in the Medway Towns.

We’ve just installed a bike rack (right in front of the windows so you can keep an eye on your pride and joy) and we’ll happily fill your bidon. You can wear your clipless shoes inside (although please be careful not to slip over with all the grace of Bambi on ice) and we promise not to poke fun at accidental chainring tattoos or improper sock height.

We even do a good cup of coffee and hearty slices of cake.

There’s good access for both road and off-road cyclists (whether they be of the MTB or Gravel Bike varieties) via either Dock Road or the paths through Fort Amherst that lead to the Great Lines Heritage Park or Brompton.

Yep, we cycle. This is the first time we rode to Amsterdam in 2017

We hope to see some of you soon.

Proud to be in Medway

We’re proud to be in Medway. We’re located within the historic grounds of Fort Amherst, Britain’s largest and best preserved Napoleonic Fort. You can visit its tunnels, its buildings and its extensive grounds, finding out how it was still being used during the Second World War!

Then (if you’ve still got the energy) you can move on to the other historic sites that are just a short walk from us.

Sites like the Great Lines Heritage Park and Chatham Naval Memorial, one of three in the country (the others are in Portsmouth and Plymouth if you think you’ve seen one before, each representing those lost in the divisions of the Royal Navy). There’s The Historic Dockyard Chatham, birthplace of Nelson’s HMS Victory and home to three former warships, a working Ropery and more. If you like to keep your feet on dry land while learning about Britain’s military history you can visit the Royal Engineers Museum, home to an extensive collection of fighting vehicles, medals, objects and artifacts.

And we haven’t even got onto Rochester or the surrounding area!

There’s castles, forts, cathedrals, shops, theatres and more.

So yes, we’re incredibly proud to be in Medway. We hope you are too.

October Half Term Family Activities 19th – 27th Oct

It’s nearly Halloween and there’s a range of activities for children at The Pantry and Fort Amherst this half term.

Pop in, grab a bite to eat and enter our halloween colouring competition from the 19th to the 27th October. Prize winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Monday 4th November, so make sure you’re following us or you might miss out!

We’ve also introduced a children’s menu including mini breakfast before 12pm and lunch boxes throughout the day.

Aaaaaaand we’re the venue for the Fort’s own pumpkin carving activity (please check their website for more information, dates and any applicable charges by visiting

Please note that access to the rest of the Fort Amherst site is restricted at the moment due to the set up for the Halloween Horrors evenings, but tickets can still be purchased via the Fort Amherst website.