Cycling (Cyclist) Friendly

Cycling seems to be one of those inexplicably divisive issues that everyone has a strong opinion on one way or another.

Here’s our twopenneth.

Should cyclists jump red lights? No. Do they have to use cycle lanes? No. Should they pay road tax? Nope – but then again neither do you. Should they ride two abreast? Well they’re allowed to, but common sense should prevail as to whether or not it’s sensible…

Whether you believe in climate change or not, less cars on the road can only be a good thing – especially if you have no choice but to use one. A healthier population can only be a good thing. And let’s be honest, as far as hobbies go it’s not exactly terribly rebellious is it?

But the much maligned MAMIL is still a bit of a target. So we’d like them to know that there’s a new ‘safe space’ in the Medway Towns.

We’ve just installed a bike rack (right in front of the windows so you can keep an eye on your pride and joy) and we’ll happily fill your bidon. You can wear your clipless shoes inside (although please be careful not to slip over with all the grace of Bambi on ice) and we promise not to poke fun at accidental chainring tattoos or improper sock height.

We even do a good cup of coffee and hearty slices of cake.

There’s good access for both road and off-road cyclists (whether they be of the MTB or Gravel Bike varieties) via either Dock Road or the paths through Fort Amherst that lead to the Great Lines Heritage Park or Brompton.

Yep, we cycle. This is the first time we rode to Amsterdam in 2017

We hope to see some of you soon.