Proud to be in Medway

We’re proud to be in Medway. We’re located within the historic grounds of Fort Amherst, Britain’s largest and best preserved Napoleonic Fort. You can visit its tunnels, its buildings and its extensive grounds, finding out how it was still being used during the Second World War!

Then (if you’ve still got the energy) you can move on to the other historic sites that are just a short walk from us.

Sites like the Great Lines Heritage Park and Chatham Naval Memorial, one of three in the country (the others are in Portsmouth and Plymouth if you think you’ve seen one before, each representing those lost in the divisions of the Royal Navy). There’s The Historic Dockyard Chatham, birthplace of Nelson’s HMS Victory and home to three former warships, a working Ropery and more. If you like to keep your feet on dry land while learning about Britain’s military history you can visit the Royal Engineers Museum, home to an extensive collection of fighting vehicles, medals, objects and artifacts.

And we haven’t even got onto Rochester or the surrounding area!

There’s castles, forts, cathedrals, shops, theatres and more.

So yes, we’re incredibly proud to be in Medway. We hope you are too.